Custom cable design and routing

Avoid all the headaches of designing and routing your semi rigid and flexible RF coaxial assemblies. Let us do it for you! Give us your unit or module that needs to be cabled and we will design and install all the RF cables directly into the unit. This service includes:

  • Cable design and routing.
  • Installation of cables into as many units as required.
  • As many uninstalled sets of cables that is required.
  • Assembly drawings of each individual cable assembly.

All cables are designed for maximum electrical performance as well as ease of assembly and producibility to combine excellent electrical and mechanical performance while keeping manufacturing costs to a minimum!



Control of electrical lengths

  • Phase matching:   Hold tight tolerances in degrees up to 26 GHz.
  • Time delay matching:  Hold tight tolerances in nanoseconds/picoseconds
  • Electrical length matching:  Hold tight tolerances in CM/air, CM/teflon. etc..

Precision cable forming

We are unequaled in the industry in our abilities to form semi rigid cable to exacting dimensions, from .034dia. to .250 dia., assuring a perfect fit every time.